Mayor: Council agreed years ago to care for McClure Cemetery

BIG RUN — Monday, Big Run Mayor Joe Buterbaugh presented evidence that Big Run Borough Council had agreed in principle many years ago to take care of the road at McClure Cemetery.

Buterbaugh produced a copy of The Punxsutawney Spirit, dated Tuesday, Aug. 17, 1982, which contained a story written by Tom Chandler, in which Bob Buffington of the McClure Cemetery Association agreed to meet council’s requirement to prepare the road for oiling and chipping next spring.

“’Under the agreement, the association agreed to prepare the road for oil and chips and award it to the borough so it may become an ordained street,” Buffington said, and that the association would pay to grade the road, install a drain and do all of the necessary surveying.

“Buffington said the entire cost to the cemetery association would be approximately $700,” Buterbaugh read.

He said that’s how long discussions over the cemetery road have been ongoing between borough and the association.

“Council should check to see if an ordinance was ever passed that made McClure Cemetery Road an ordained street in the borough,” Buterbaugh said, and that everyone agrees that something must be done so it becomes a standard that the borough will take care of the road.

Council member John Smeal said the story just said it was to be ordained, not that it was.

Council President Nick Lantz asked Secretary Carmeta States to see if there are any ordinances that exist ordaining the street.

“If it is, we’ll receive liquid fuels money from the state to maintain it,” he said.

In other business:

• Smeal said he would be the point-man with Larry Bowers of the Jefferson County Council of Governments (COG) to assist in obtaining grant money to purchase more speed limit and stop signs.

• Lantz thanked Jerry Crossman, who recently helped the borough by mowing grass.

• Billy Frantz will take care of a drainage ditch at McClure Cemetery and repair a drain on Union Street soon.

The wet weather has put him behind, Lantz said.

• Lantz thanked Emergency Management Coordinator Bob Hartman, the American Red Cross and the Big Run Area Volunteer Fire Company for their help during a power outage following a windstorm several weeks ago.

• Lantz announced which members of council are overseeing which committees since John Niver’s resignation: Rick Rinehart, chairman with Larry Lambert, street committee; Smeal, chairman public safety with Rinehart; and Lambert, chairman of facilities.

• Council member Stan Derise said he contacted Wayne McKee about wiring at Veterans’ Park, which council had approved at last month’s meeting.

Derise said he repaired the plumbing at the water fountain, replaced the locks on the restrooms, concession stand and oiled the other ones that wouldn’t open.

With all the rain and high grass, he told the mowing contractor to mow the grass every week at the park until further notice. While mowed now, due to the length, he’s just pushing it all around.