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Jules’ latest Bubble’s World book — ‘Isabella’s Magic Dream’ — may just be her last

December 4, 2012

Julie Branken of Punxsy is shown with her grandchildren (front, from left): Lilly Gigliotti; Isabella Gigliotti; Ben Gigliotti; (back) Julie Branken (Jules) author of the "Bubble's World" children's stories; and Vincent Gigliotti. All six of the stories Branken has written feature her grandchildren, including Isabella holding her story: "Isabella's Magic Dream." (Photo by Larry McGuire of The Spirit)

PUNXSUTAWNEY — If you're a fan of the Bubble's World children's books series, then you'll be happy to know the sixth edition is out and ready for purchase, "Bubble's World — Isabella's Magic Dream."

The bad news is, according to the author Jules (Julie Branken of Punxsutawney), this could very well be the last book in the series.

"This series of children's books are about a magic bubble, which represents children's imagination," Branken said, adding that through their imagination, children can go anywhere and do anything they want.

Branken said all six of her books are about her grandchildren Vincent Gigliotti, 10; Ben Gigliotti, 8; Lilly Gigliotti, 5; and now, Isabella Gigliotti, 7.

She said "Isabella's Magic Dream" came to her while she was on vacation in Belize.

"Isabella had been rushed to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh with an illness," Branken said, adding that when she went to sleep that night and woke up the next morning, she had the idea for her next book.

"I never think about these books. The ideas just come to me," she said.

"I woke up, and there was this whole story about Isabella being sick and in her dream state," Branken said.

"In her dream state, Bubble advises Isabella to urgently find Queen Tovi, who has an elixir for her to drink which will heal her," she said.

Branken said that one day, when Isabella was out walking with her family, she accidentally fell down a groundhog hole, where she met many different animals to help her on her journey to find Queen Tovi and the magic elixir.

"Isabella landed on a groundhog named Sam, and she tells him about her search for the magic elixir, and they go on this wonderful adventure," Branken said, adding that Isabella and Sam go through some dangerous areas like Mushroom Mountain.

"The story is a little bit like 'Alice In Wonderland,'" she said.

"Sam took her to Queen Tovi, who gives her the magic elixir," Branken said.

She said the idea for the series came to her while she was sitting out in the garden at Plantation Bed & Breakfast when she saw a bubble floating by, which inspired her to write the "Bubble's World" series.

"The feelings are so strong that it nags at me to write it," she said.

She said that in the first story, entitled "Don't Bully," Vincent and Ben were walking down a country lane when they see this huge bubble come floating by.

Vincent asked the bubble what — or who — it was.

"The bubble answered, 'I'm your imagination,'" Branken said.

She said the Bubble told the boys it could take them anywhere they wanted to go.

Branken said the second book in the series is "Compassion For Others"; "Love Exists Everywhere" the third; "Importance of Imagination" the fourth; and "Living in Peace and Harmony" the fifth.

She said the books are geared for children ages four to eight.

"I love writing, and I have even written a novel entitled "Love, Life or Diamonds," Branken said, adding that she did not use her pen name of Jules for the novel.

"My Bubble books were written a couple of years apart, since I do all my own photography and Photoshop the pictures myself," Branken said.

Branken said her books are available at the Book Nook in Punxsy and online through Barnes & Noble.

She said for more information, travel to her website:

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