JOC discusses moving CDL course to former lumbering building

WINSLOW TOWNSHIP — The Jeff Tech Operating Committee (JOC) continued its discussion regarding the possibility of moving the Commerical Drivers License (CDL) course from the main campus to the former lumbering building, now known as the annex.

The committee had held its June and August meetings at the former lumbering building, which has been vacant since that program was discontinued at the end of the 2011-12 school year and is located on Arm Street, a distance from the main school property on Vo-Tech Road.

Marsha Welsh, Jeff Tech director, said that the administration would like to move the CDL course that is currently housed in the main building along the east side with the tractor trailer trucks parked in a side dirt lot.

"I think, if we don't move that program there, the tractor trailer trucks are going to be subject to vandalism," she said. "We only have to heat the classroom not the entire building."

Gary Conrad, JOC member representing the Punxsutawney Area School District, asked what the school will gain, besides expenses, by moving the CDL program to that building where the only access is by way of a steep hill.

Michael Knobloch, who oversees grounds and facilities, said that the the area surrounding the building will be no problem to maintain for ice and snow, since it is something that maintenance has already been doing for lumbering.

Conrad said he would like some more information on the expenses and for the operators of the course to show the committee that making the turn off of the steep hill can be accomplished.

In other business:

• Welsh reported on the auction that was held at the annex building on Sept. 1 and reportedly had a huge turnout of prospective bidders.

"We were quite surprised at the number of people who were in attendance," Welsh said, adding that the staff had to shuttle people to the annex, which was the site of the auction, as all of the parking lots at Jeff Tech were filled to capacity.

She said the auctioneer received 4 percent of the large items and 10 percent of the small items, which came to total of $6,400.

Welsh said the school netted $104,071.04 from the auction, and minus expenses, the profit was $96,250.10.

"I was pleased with how it went; it was a long day for some of our staff members," Welsh said.