Huey's debut novel blends past, present in a tale of enduring love & faithfulness

PUNXSUTAWNEY — In this area, the name Michele Huey is one that is easily associated with writing.

Her award-winning weekly newspaper column "God, Me, and a Cup of Tea" has led to a pair of devotional books.

Her work has appeared in a number of national publications.

And as a mentor for the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers’ Guild and The Writing Academy, her influence on the writing community isn't limited to this area.

Huey's list of familiar accomplishments is far from short, but one thing rang true through all of her writing — she was always a writer of non-fiction.

But in an attempt to challenge herself — a challenge she called "fun" — Huey set out to write a piece of fiction — a novel titled "The Heart Remembers" — and have it published.

And now, that challenge has turned into a dream come true for Huey.

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