Hot laundry causes car fire

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Thanks to quick action by members of the Central Fire Department, damage was held to a minimum when a laundry basket caught fire in the back seat of a vehicle at 11:30 a.m. Monday on South Findley Street.

Scott Depp, Central Fire Department chief, said a neighbor reported seeing smoke inside of a vehicle owned by Heather Fox, Ray Lane, Punxsutawney, while it was parked on South Findley Street.

Fox said she had been at the laundromat and most of the clothes were dry, and some were still damp.

She was surprised when someone knocked on the door and said her car was filling with smoke, Fox said.

Depp said the cause of the fire is undetermined.

There were no injuries, and Fox was able to drive the vehicle away from the scene, with damage contained to the back seat of her vehicle.