Fairy-tales meet reality in PAHS Drama Club’s show

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The three-year-old PAHS Drama Club is preparing its third production, “Once Upon A High School,” which runs at 7 p.m. Thursday and Friday in the high school auditorium.

The play, by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus, explores two different worlds: The world of fairy-tale characters such as Cinderella, Prince Charming, Snow White, etc., and a reality-based world familiar to high school students of today.

Through comedy and messages about the time, the fairy-tale characters — whose lives and scripts have been written for them throughout centuries — learn that in the high school world, they are the ones writing their own stories, and that they are able to control their own destinies.
Advisors/directors Lisa Good and Shellee Miller said the production has been a hands-on effort by all those involved. There is no one set crew of actors or a set of technicians, for example. Everyone chips in on and offstage to move the show along.

“Whatever needs to be done, they just do it,” Miller said. “Not only do they have acting roles, but they have jobs backstage.”

Only a handful of the Drama Club members have prior theatre backgrounds — such as with the Punxsy Theatre Arts Guild — but almost all of the students are active with extra-curricular activities, both athletic and non-athletic.

“It’s a well-rounded group,” Miller said. “They are involved in various clubs, but they definitely realize the commitment that goes with it.

They understand the sacrifice and commit to making the show a success.
“The kids are excited and happy,” she said. “We (Miller and Good) are excited and happy.”

Rehearsals for “Once Upon a High School” began Jan. 3.

Fairy-Tale Cast
Woodsman — Kendall Neal
Cinderella — Audrianna Delacour
Magda — Haley Hartman
Petra — Sarah London
Rosamond — Alexandra Long
Prince Charming — Alex Anderson
Little Red — Anna Monyak
Goldilocks — Megan Strawcutter
Snow White — Ala Small
Hansel — Marshall Richardson
Gretel — Erika Witzel
Rumpelstilskin — Kameron Rummel
Rapunzel — Bethany Butler
Wicked Witch — Alexis Martin
Shoemaker’s Elf — Heidi Rodgers
Jill — Katie Weaver
Gable — Emily Jones
Mirror — Hannah Rummel

Reality Cast:
Danica — Laura Chelgren
Gloria — Caroline Dunkel
Sadie — Jennifer Setree
Mercy — Ashley Walls
Clemency — Tasha Story
Bull — Hannah Britten
Hap — Katelynn Sallack
Slim — Aimee Story
Irving — Janell Burkett
Tag — Elana Curry
Spatter — Cassi Aul
Randy — Aimee Story
Melvin — Katie Weaver
Stan — Paige Weber
Opal — Alexis Martin
Terry — Andrew Page
TJ — Heidi Rodgers
Francine — Lauren Wolfe
Principal Lewis — Drew Cooper