Detour for Margiotti project begins Monday

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Summer’s first official roadwork detour begins Monday, when PennDOT will close one lane of Margiotti Bridge for a rehabilitation project.

Southbound traffic on the bridge will be maintained, while northbound traffic will have to travel the detour on Route 119, down Indiana Hill and down West Mahoning Street to North Main Street, Borough Manager Ben White said during Tuesday’s Public Works Committee meeting.

According to White, Public Works Foreman Joe Defelice said parking meters near Miller Brothers should be bagged to make it easier for trucks turning during the detour.

During a public meeting earlier in the year, representatives from PennDOT District 10 presented plans for the work on the bridge.

According to John McCombie, senior civil engineer supervisor-transportation for PennDOT, the scope of the project entails retrofitting certain parts of the barriers on the 75-year-old bridge that spans Mahoning Creek, Water Street and part of the Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad.

“McCombie said the crew will remove open joints on the barriers — or the lengths of concrete that prevent pedestrians or motorists from traveling off the bridge — that have worn over the years,” White said.

There will be a one-way detour, with northbound traffic being detoured, while southbound traffic will be maintained during the project.

One lane of the bridge will be closed for work on the barrier, while the other lane will be open to traffic traveling south along Route 436, White said.

Once the work is completed on the other side, the finished lane will open to southbound traffic, White said. Pedestrians will still have access to the bridge during construction, which is expected to last about two months.

In other business, street paving in Punxsutawney is scheduled to take place in mid-July, White said. Hager Paving, Strattanville, was the low bidder at $84,217.50.

Streets proposed for paving:
• Cliff Street, between a point 135 feet west of South Penn Street and Gaskill Avenue.

• Gaskill Avenue, between Altman Avenue and Cliff Street.

• Blair Street, between Woodland Avenue and Rockland Avenue.

• Cherry Street, between Mitchell Avenue and Carlton Avenue.

• Nancy Lane, from North Main Street to the end.

• White said he and Defelice will visit the PennDOT equipment auction in search of a new dump truck this week.

There is one day where the equipment can be inspected before placing a bid, which is done online, he said.

“We bought a used PennDOT dump truck about seven years ago, and it held up well,” White said, adding that the borough will place a bid if the price is doable, and the truck is in good shape.

• A meeting is to be scheduled for June 14 with the residents of the storm and sanitary sewer projects as part of the H2O grant.

The projects included sanitary and storm sewer separation on Horatio Street, West Mahoning Street and South Main Street.

• White said the Community Center roof project will not get underway until August once the asbestos removal project paid for the center has been completed.