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Council posts budget with no tax hike

November 9, 2010

Susan Glessner

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Monday, Punxsutawney Borough Council approved and voted to place on display its preliminary 2011 budget with no tax increase.

Council President Susan Glessner said that council did agree to shift 0.15 mills from the recreation department’s budget to the library budget to make up for a shortfall in funding from the state.

She praised department heads and borough employees for their budgeting so they can continue borough services without increasing taxes.

“This is a tribute to our department heads and employees that they are able to put together their budget requests for 2011 without a tax increase in this economy,” Glessner said.

Council members approved Ordinance No. 1107 for 2011 that taxes valuation assessed for county purposes at the following millage rates, with each mill being the equivalent of $0.10 on each $100 of assessed valuation, all under the authority of the Local Tax Enabling Act:

• 10.0 mills for general borough purposes.

• 0.90 mills for purchasing fire engines, fire apparatus and fire hose, and for making appropriations to the fire department for payment of operational expenses and related purposes.

• 0.60 mills to maintain or aid in the maintenance of a local library for the use of residents of the borough.

• 0.45 mills for permanent street improvements.

• 0.75 mills for lighting and illuminating streets, highways and other public places.

• 0.15 mills for providing recreational facilities, support and maintenance.

• 0.15 mills for providing pensions, retirement or the purchase of annuity contracts for borough employees.

Breaking down the 2011 borough’s budget:

General Purpose Fund

• Administration — $375,734.

• Police Department — $682,193.

• Codes and Zoning — $9,950.

• Public Works — $294,643.

• Special — $639,986.

• Total expenditures and revenues — $2,002,506.

Capital Improvement Account

• Total balance and revenues — $65,142.

• Total expenditures — $20,000.

• Reserve — $45,142.

Capital Reserve Account Police Department

• Total balance and revenues — $14,300.

• Total expenditures — $8,000.

• Reserve — $6,300.

Fire Department Fund

• Total balance and revenues — $451,130.

• Total expenditures — $77,300.

• Reserve — $373,830.

Library Fund

• Total balance and revenues — $49,025.

• Total expenditures — $49,000.

• Reserve — $25.

Motor Fund

• Total balance and revenues — $186,975.

• Total expenditures — $164,000.

• Reserve — $22,975.

Parking Revenue Fund

• Total balance and revenues — $14,705.

• Total expenditures — $6,900.

• Reserve $7,805.

Pension and Retirement

• Total revenues and expenditures — $12,545.

Recreation Fund

• Total balance and revenues — $90,692.

• Total expenditures — $16,200.

• Reserve — $74,492.

Street Improvement Fund

• Total balance and revenues — $57,565.

• Total expenditures — $51,000.

• Reserve — $6,565.

2011 Sewer System Budget

• Total revenues — $1,665,543.

• Subtotal plant operations — $1,450,044.

Council will vote to approve the budget at the Dec. 13 meeting.

Also Monday, council approved:

• Repealing and amending the killed-in-service death benefit for police officers, for which administration of has been taken over by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The borough has no role whatsoever in the administration of this fund or for any other purpose.

• Permission for the Rotary Club to display a Christmas tree and Circle of Trees in Barclay Square.

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