Two Punxsutawney firefighters, Paul Pape (left) and Tony Runco (right), are shown taking the Stokes basket to the recovery site to aid in the retrieval of the body of a man who was found dead in Cloe Lake Wednesday. The Punxsutawney Fire Department boat was used in the recovery of the victim near the breast of the dam. Members of the Punxsutawney Fire Department's Water Rescue Team responded to the rescue call at 8:42 p.m. Wednesday at Cloe Lake in Bell Township. According to reports, the water rescue quickly turned into a recovery as the unidentified man was pulled from the water near the breast of the dam by the Water Rescue Team with the use of a Stokes Basket and the fire department boat. Jefferson County Coroner Bernie Snyder was called to the scene by Punxsutawney-based Pennsylvania State Police once the recovery operation was complete. No further details were available at The Spirit’s press time.