Big Run mulls over dump truck repair options

BIG RUN — The Big Run Borough Council is still discussing the amount of money it's going to cost to repair the bed of the borough dump truck.

Nick Lantz, council president, said it would cost $625 to weld the bed of the truck and could be as high as $725 for a larger area.

Lantz said the time estimated is 15 hours at $35 per hour for each of the jobs.

Marlin Rearick, Big Run maintenance man, said all of the rubber at the bottom of the bed and the bed itself need to be cut out and replaced.

Stan Derise, council member, said council needs more prices by the September meeting.

In other business:

• Rick Rinehart, council member, said he is still working on getting the storm drain on West Main Street near Thompson Street completed. Rinehart said the berm on Thompson Street is looking better following the latest storm.

• The Big Run Municipal Authority (BRAMA) wants to remind all of the sewer customers that downspouts are for water runoff and are not permitted to be hooked into the sanitary sewer system.

Rinehart said the influx of water is too great, and Ordinance 202 enforces it.

Mayor Joe Buterbaugh said that is a borough ordinance with a fine that could be as high as $1,000 per day.

• Derise thanked Rearick and Doug Brocious, who picked up the garbage at Veterans' Park recently.

• John Smeal, council member, said there are a lot of drop offs on Brown Street and it needs some stone put down on it before winter.

• Smeal said there's a need for a second spare key for the War Memorial in case there's an emergency request to use it, as was the case for a recent funeral dinner.

"The extra key was already distributed to another person, who had rented the building ahead of time," Smeal said.

Buterbaugh said you should only have enough extra keys to cover what is needed.

• Larry Lambert, council member, said Rearick was already working on the new doors for the ladies' restroom at the War Memorial.

• Lambert said four neighbors have complained to him about the burning of materials and have told him they think they are able to burn whatever they want.

Lantz said to call DEP, and it will investigate any violations.

Lambert said many people think if it's in a burn barrel that it's OK to burn, which isn't true.

Derise, who is also the Big Run Fire chief, said to call 911 and have the fire company come over and extinguish the blaze.

• Council members decided to place a snow fence up on the borders of the War Memorial property to prevent people who rent the building from entering neighboring properties.

Lantz said he met with Jim Schepis, of PennDOT, who said that Union Street to McClure Cemetery is eligible for liquid fuels funding.

Also at Monday's meeting, council:

• Approved the new fire contract with the Big Run Volunteer Fire company, Derise abstained. The contract was approved by Jay Lundy, borough solicitor.

• Approved a motion to charge a fee of $100 for a one-day use of the War Memorial.

• Approved days off requested by Carmeta States, borough secretary.

The next Big Run Borough Council meeting is at 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 17, at the War Memorial.