Big Run Council OKs free use of War Memorial to Big Run-based non-profits

BIG RUN — Big Run Borough Council voted to rent the Big Run War Memorial for free to non-profit organizations that are based in Big Run.

Council approved a motion to allow Big Run-based non-profit organizations to use the Big Run War Memorial rent-free for a one-day-only event, such as meetings, said Nick Lantz, Big Run Borough
Council president.

Lantz said the groups that are included in the motion for using the building for free are: Big Run VFW, winter/summer recreation programs, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and the Beta Sorority.

Those groups will pay a rental fee for other special events, Lantz said.

He said for all other groups, organizations and weddings, the normal rental rates apply.

Also, at Monday's meeting:
• Lantz said council needed to appoint a new representative to the Big Run Area Muncipal Authority (BRAMA), as council member Rick Rinehart said he did not want to be reappointed to the sewage authority.

"George Bedell, chairman of BRAMA, said he would try to find someone who would be interested in serving on the authority," Lantz said.

Joe Buterbaugh, mayor of Big Run, said the council should have a representative on the sewage authority.

Lantz said he doesn't believe that council has to have an actual council member on BRAMA.

"I believe that anyone who is out in the public who wants to be appointed to the authority is eligible," Lantz said.

Buterbaugh said he is going to look back in the minutes because the way he understands it, council should have a council member as a representative.

None of the members of council expressed an interest in being a part of the authority, and the search for a replacement was tabled until the Feb. 18 meeting.

Lantz said he would contact Bedell regarding the search for a replacement for Rinehart.

• Council voted to deny a request from Amber Baker, project manager for Seitel Data Ltd., to do seismic testing in Big Run Borough.

Lantz said Punxsutawney Borough Council had not voted on the proposal as of yet, but it appeared that it is not in favor of it.

"I know there are other municipalities in our area that are against it too," Lantz said, adding that he believes that Seitel Data Ltd. is more than welcome to do the testing outside of Big Run Borough.

Lantz said he received paperwork from Seitel Monday that proposed paying him $28.70 to perform shock wave testing on the six acres of property that he owns.

John Smeal, council member, said there appeared to be no benefit to the landowners unless they already have a natural gas well on their property.

Derise made a motion to deny Seitel permission to perform seismic testing in the borough.

The motion was seconded by Larry Lambert and approved 4-0 with Derise, Smeal, Lambert and Lantz voting to deny permission. Rinehart was absent.

Derise said that another company will probably come within six months to ask council to do the same thing.

• Council discussed complaints regarding snow removal in the borough and how to go about hiring someone to clear snow from the War Memorial, but also on borough streets, in a timely fashion.

The next council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 18 at the Big Run War Memorial.